PLUMTRUSS Collaborates with Higher Education Programs with Built-Environment themes, such as Construction Management, Engineering, Architecture, and Project Management. Acting on your Faculty’s Course Proposal, we organize a team of experienced educators to curate your curricula and develop instructional materials, all at no cost to your university.


Specify Course Proposal with:

  • Purpose and description
  • Mode of instruction
  • Credit units and study/contact hours

Collaborate with our team and/or approve:

  • Course goals
  • Student learning outcomes
  • Assessment strategies
  • Pro forma syllabus and schedule

University Administrator

Commits to adopt Student Materials for agreed upon terms.


Develops Student Materials including:

  • Digital textbook(s)
  • Video lectures

Develops Instructor Materials including:

  • Lecture slides
  • Formative assessments
  • Summative assessments
  • Assessment instruments


  • Rent reasonably priced Student Materials
  • Download to a free reader for their phone and computer

Books, Videos, Syllabi, Learning Outcomes, Lecture Slides, Assessments

All the tools needed to prepare your students for success.

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